Playa Padre’s modern-bohemian¬†vibes will transport you. The Tulum-style beach club in Marbella has quickly become the most sought-out venue for locals, tourists and music-lovers alike. In understanding the inspiration behind the vision, our development of the branding led us to a well known emblem in Mexico – the sugar skull. This custom illustration, filled with hidden undertones, is paired with a bespoke font. The letter P from both words was also extracted to create a secondary emblem which can be used with or without the word-mark.

The tones of the branding are reflective of the scenery; the beige to represent the sand and the turquoise blue as a nod to the sea. All of the materials selected in the production phase are of natural texture, such as wood or organic paper, in order to promote the earth-tones found in the architecture itself. Made to look like an upscale beach hut (as if put together by indigenous materials and skilled local craftsmen) the branding had to blend in uninterruptedly with the interiors.

Cool Marbelous was responsible for the conceptualization, brand strategy, positioning and identity for Playa Padre, and subsequently developed all of the brand collateral both on and offline to support the launch.

The project was done in collaboration with architect Chema Sobrado.

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